About us


A Time of Her Own is a project by Zoe Hatziyannaki curated by Christina Petkopoulou. It is an online, partly interactive, platform that integrates fragments of archival material published in the Greek press during the1970s and 1980s with personal photographs from the same decades.

The largest part of the archival content has been drawn from Evelyn Volika-Hatziyiannaki’s collection, consisting of magazines and newspaper articles of the time related to feminist issues. The personal photographs are courtesy of different individuals. Users are offered the possibility to study and browse freely the material and at the same time come up with different visual results through an interactive game of redistribution of public and private images of women. Political and personal shelves are intertwined, blurring the boundaries between them, and producing new, ephemeral and unexpected outcomes.

The experience of this infinite combinations, in the form of diptychs, attempts to create relations and challenge notions of the public and the private and eventually allow different readings to emerge: When and how does the feminist political and social narratives go hand in hand with the personal experience? In what ways are public demands and struggles become visible in the everyday life? How is the female subject narrated collectively and how is it through individual memory? How was She in Her time? And finally, how does an open interactive online archive can help tracing and recording all the above?

In A Time of Her Own, distinct realities meet, memories and stories are revisited, through ephemeral successive visual narratives in order to possibly allow the rewriting of another one.

With the support and under the auspices of Greek Ministry of Culture

and A-DASH space


Special thanks to Cornelia Zarkia and Agnes Papaioannou for their warm support to the project.

And for their contribution with personal photos to:

Myrto Arvaniti, Irini Efesiou, Eleftheria Kapokaki, Stavroula Kollida, Jenny Konsta, Hara Konstantinidis, Tonia Nousia, Margarita Skordou, Poly Savvinidou, Eugenia-Louisa Papadopoulou, Eleni Mamali, Natalia Bazaiou, Chrysa Papaioannou, Maria Papasimeon, Vasso Tychopoulou, Daphne Fessa, Eleni Fessa and to those who wished to remain anonymous.

A Time of Her Own is dedicated to the memory of Evelyn Volika- Hatziyannaki (1949-2005).